Pyrites – Living & Learning with Nature - Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


On 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Act as the UK’s data protection legislation. As a result, all businesses, large and small, are required to demonstrate how they use client’s personal data. You are receiving this email because you are either a current or past client of mine: Pyrites  - Living & Learning with Nature.

As an educational provider I keep your personal details – emails, Contact details etc. in my Contacts File and for courses you subscribe to your dietary requirements in separate course related Folders. All Digital data, such as email correspondence, is stored on a password-protected computer. Any hard copy of information provided by you is stored in files  in a lockable filing cabinet.

Under normal circumstances your Personal details will not be shared with third parties unless with your permission. 

Where you have submitted online banking details - for course payments etc. your account details are protected by my secure online banking system.

Pictures of workshop activities are only taken with your expressed permission and not shared with others. Where a relevant picture could be useful for marketing and Publication purposes you will be requested for your permission.

 If you have concerns regarding any of the information above, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Likewise if you wish to be deleted from my address book please email me to say so -thank you. 

More information about the GDPR can be found at the following website:

With kind regards,

Bernard Graves