Pyrites Summer Craft Camp 2017

Providing an opportunity for children and their parents/friends of all ages to engage in meaningful craft activities.

Adults without children also welcome.

 Have a fun filled week of creativity and joy.

All meals provided - organic where possible.


Pyrites - Living & Learning with Nature

Summer Craft Camp 2017

Sun 23rd - Sat 29th July

Ruskin Mill College, Nailsworth, Glos

Woodland Field


A big thank you to all 'Happy Campers' for making this year's Craft Camp

a resounding success. 

One families feed back from their child:



 " Mum I don't know what happened at craft camp, but it is like medicine,

     I just feel great I feel happy and content, like everything is right again"


Craft Camp Bookings For July 2017

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In response to feed back this year on 'Camp evening Noise' issues, I will be designating specific camping fields as 'Quiet Field' & 'Fire Pit/Circle Field'. This is to ensue those camping & wishing to retire at a reasonable time may do so without disturbances from a neighbouring circle of 'Very Happy Campers'.

The camping fields will be marked as such & I ask you to respect the wishes of the 'Quiet Campers - as otherwise understandably,  they will become 'Grumpy ,Campers'!

In the meantime if you have any other feed back that would be helpful please let me know. For any enquiries please email me from link below.


Craft Camp Booking Form


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VENUE: Ruskin Mill College - Woodland Field, Nailsworth, Glos GL6 0QE

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The Pyrites Craft Camp will be at its familiar location at Ruskin Mill College, Woodland Field , Nailsworth, Glos. GL6 0QE

For those that are new to the Craft Camp, please go to: Venue above for Google Map link ; directions & location.

Accommodation: Please bring your own tent, sleeping gear, crockery & cutlery. Facilities will be basic, ie field kitchen & washing up facilities, wood fired field shower, Sauna bender & Compost toilets.


An important feature of the camp will be food preparation and cooking using organic ingredients where possible prepared in a field kitchen. All meals will be prepared and shared together around the camp fire. Staff will organize for differnt craft groups to assist in preparing lunch & Supper. Breakfast is also provided. 

Craft Workshops

All of the craft activities will offer a comprehensive experience, in many cases starting with the process of obtaining and preparing the raw materials, and moving through to make a hand crafted item. 



Craft Groups & Activities

Please read below for samples of Craft activities offered. New workshop activities will be posted as & when they arise. if a workshop advertised is not sufficiently subscribed to then it may have to be cancelled - but you will be notified & offered your 2nd or 3rd choice activity.

Many of the workshop activities are doubled to accommodate different age groups and interests.

There is also a creche for 3 > 5 yr olds -  NB younger children will have to accompanied by parent/guardian.


N.B  This is a list of all potential Workshops Activities - For exactly what is on offer in any particular year Please click on Craft camp Application Form (above) to view workshop and age groups for this year's Craft Camp.

New Adult CreativeTextile workshop 2017;

Tutors: Liz Thomas & Marianne van der Tass

Suitable age: Teenagers & adults.


.”Combining wool, silk or muslin we will design and make samples together and then apply the techniques of shibori, nuno-felt, eco print and plant dye.

Things to make include a shibori scarf and one of the following projects:- slippers, hats, an eco-printed nuno-felted gilet or a cushion cover.

Let’s have some fun exploring our creativity together”


Weaving workshop:

Tutor: TBC

Using natural dyed wool to weave a wall hanging on a hazel stick  round, fish shaped or D-Frame loom.                                             

Suitable Age: Teenagers & Adults



1.Leatherwork: John Hagger – Professional Leather worker -

Using traditionally tanned leather to design and make a variety of items, bags, belts mobile phone cases etc

Suitable Age: Teenagers & Adults

2.Leatherwork: Jeannie Ireland.

Creative projects using different types of leather and leatherworking styles.  Explore a wide range of construction methods and decorative techniques.

Eg.hats, bags, sandals, tool cases   & Native American style beaded items.

Suitable age:12yrs &upwards 


3.Raw Hide Drum making workshop:Dan & Naomi Westall

 Making Native American Lakota Frame Drum , skinned & laced  with deer skin

 Suitable age: 14 yrs & upwards.


4.Leatherwork: Lisandro Serra Delmar - Gaucho Ninja Leatherwork 

Discover the art of leatherworking using traditional Argentinian Gaucho techniques by the hand of the creative Japanese insight and craftsmanship.​ Learn how to lace, make japanese tabi shoes, lakota moccasins, belts, sheaths, bags using natural tanned leather.


Suitable age: 14 yrs & upwards


Willow Basketry: 

Traditional Willow Basketry:Lucy Miekle

Using willow and other materials which will be processed in various ways, participants will be instructed in the traditional methods of Willow Basket making and garden structures.

Suitable Age: Teenagers & Adults


 Green Woodwork:

1.Green Woodwork: Richard Turley

Using the traditional pole lathe and green woodworking tools, various household items, stools etc will be produced with local woods.

Suitable Age: Teenagers & Adults

2.Green Woodwork: Alun Hughes

Rustic Furniture making using locally coppiced woods

Suitable Age: Teenagers & Adults 

3.Green Woodwork: Anthony Waters - Professional Green wood worker

Using the traditional pole lathe and green woodworking tools, various household items, Hazel & Crack Willow Trug, stools, chairs etc using locally sourced woods.

Suitable Age: Teenagers & Adults 


Wood Carving:

Wood carving -Axel Keim - Professional Wood Carver/Sculpter

Using hard woods to carve 2 & 3 dimensioanal forms / The Green Man to House name etc


Musical Instrument Making & Bow making:

Musical Instrument Making & Bow making: Gavin Pond

Making a pentatonic lyre, Laminated Bows or other projects by negotiation.                                                               

Suitable Age: 12yrs & upwards



1.Ceramic workshop: Sam Makumba 

Processing Clay, making pots & artefacts. Firing in a Paper Slip Kiln & Raku Glazing. This workshop is an introductory activity - exploring basic clay working techniques & processes including building a Paper Slip kiln in which to fire the work produced.  

Suitable Age: 8 - 12yrs


NEW WORKSHOP & TUTOR - added Nov 2015 & for 2016

2. Clay & Kiln building workshop: Sue Harker

Construction of a Dragon Kiln - using dug Clay mix, daubed onto a Hazel & Willow structure.

Hand building Earthen ware pots & artefacts using taditional methods & techniques. 

Suitable age: 13yrs & upwards  


3.Combined children's & Adults Ceramic workshop - Tutors Sam & Sue

Stone Carving:

Stone Carving: Gregg Tricker -Professional artist/sculpter

Using local Limestone & other materials to carve a design of your choice .            

Suitable Age: 12 yrs & upwards


 Metal work:

1.Blacksmithing workshop: Garrick Nelson – professional Blacksmith

Traditional blacksmithing
Suitable Age: 12 yrs & upwards

2.Blacksmithing workshop: Jason Pond 

In the Field using portable forges
Suitable age: 10yrs & upwards 

3. Knife making: Arian Leljak

Forge your own knife, make handle & sheathe
Suitable Age: 14yrs & upwards

4. Copper Work: Kilian Voss 
Copper beating to produce a variety of items , bowls , jugs & decorative items

Bronze casting workshop:

 5. Bronze casting workshop: Phil Walters

Model & cast in tin or bronze your own artifact.
Suitable 12 yrs & upwards




Traditional Arrow & Long Spear Throwing Arrow workshop.

Tutor: Dave Hart

Suitable age: 12yrs & Upwards

Arrow & long Spear making:If you have made a Long Bow, nows the chance to make yourself a set of 'Arrows', traditional made or alternatively make a long Spear throwing Arrow.Arrows will be costume made with points from Forged iron & Fletchings from Turkey feathers.


Traditional Soap Making & Essential Plant oils

Tutors; Alexci Swan & Sarah Houghton

Suitable age: 14 yrs and upwards

'Mother nature gives us what we need for many healing lotions and potions. Come and play with local plants to infuse their wonderful smells and healing qualities into your traditionally made soap produced using natural oils and fats. Take your soap away wrapped in plant died fabric tied with plant fibre ribbon.Using our senses fully we will begin to understand the qualities of the plants and the natural materials we will be using.  We will also learn how to make herbal teas, decoctions, infused oils, hydrosols, flower essences, tinctures, creams and ointments and drink sunshine tea everyday!'


Stained Glass Workshop:

1. Stained Glass Workshop: Johannes Steuck -Artist

Traditional leaded glass techniques to make a window hanging 
Suitable Age: 12 yrs & upwards

2. Stained Glass Workshop:Alec Hole -Artist

 Traditional leaded glass techniques & Fussed Glass creations
Suitable Age: 12 yrs & upwards

3. New Fussed Glass Workshop 2017.

    Tutor: Jane Ronnie

     Suitable age: 12rs & upwards

In this workshop you will learn the art of fused glasswork.  This involves various   techniques in cutting, designing and layering glass which is then formed by heat in a kiln.  You will have the opportunity to make items such as 'suncatchers', fused glass bordered mirrors and glass jewellery for example.



Mixed Textiles Workshop:

Textile Workshop: Ruth Liengaard

Creative felting with natural and  plant dyed wool  and multicolored Tie  dying Make your own design using natural fabrics and pigments. 
Suitable 8 to 12yrs


Nature Workshops:

1.Pathfinder & Bush Craft workshop: Nick Lee

Come and learn about the ways of the ancient Native American scout. Learn how to hunt like the scouts with camouflage techniques and games. Learn how to immerse yourself in nature by taking part in a native sit spots. Then try you hand at going an over night scout mission to learn the secrets of fire and shelter. All combined with stories of the ancients. Featuring primitive fire lighting, shelter building, stone tools, Wild food and a wealth of other activities based in the natural environment. Sleep out alone one night.
Suitable age: 10 yrs & upwards

2.Girls Transition - Rights of Passage with Mother Earth: Hattie Duke       NB:CANCELLED 2016


WORKSHOP THIS YEAR & 2017 replaced with ' Nature Nurture'

Suitable age: 7YRS > 10YRS

'Discover-yourself' through Nature, Stories, Stillness & Play
Construct your own group shelter in the woods -Make a Hearth & Fire Lighting & much more

 NEW WORKSHOPS as of 2015

3.Young Warriors - Rights of Passage (Boys only)

Tutor:Andy Crombie

Skinning a deer. Spears & painted Shields using bone/antler & rawhide,
Suitable age 12yrs & upwards

4. Nature connection & outdoor learning: Hattie Duke .

Natural Explorers - activities, bushcraft skills, den building  and games - be prepared to get dirty and have fun ! 
For ages 7-10


Children’s Workshop:

Children’s Workshop: Chris Wheeler
Exploring Nature for younger children through: Earth, Water, Air and Fire through stories, play, crafts and activities.
Suitable for 6 and 7 year olds.



All day creche option during workshop times -children 3yrs & under most be accompanied by a parent!

For two to Five year olds.

Evening entertainment:

Stories for young & old. Drumming sessions - Saunas & 'chill out time'



  • A Registration Form for craft activities will be sent to you following receipt of your         Application Form & conformation of your Deposit for £200 - Paid by either cheque or bank transfer
    Banking details on Application Form - when you have transferred your deposit - email to confirm! & you will be sent the link to sign up for Craft Activities.
  • Application forms should be sent together with a non-refundable deposit of £200 per family booking. NB: On an early cancellation of your booking, your deposit can be deferred as your deposit for the following year.
  • Please note that balance to fees are to be paid by 1st June 2017.
    After this date latter application forms should be returned with full fee.
  • Due to difficulties at previous craft camps, we apologies that the camp can not accommodate dogs -Except under certain circumstances,please check with Bernard Graves prior to making your Booking!


Prices listed below:

  • 3 years and younger are welcomed Free. NB:If joining creche under 3yrs must be accompanied by parent.
  • 4 & 5 years (creche only): £160 per child
  • Children 6–11 yrs: £185 per child
  • 12 yrs plus & Adults: £320
  • 'None workshop' Participants (food included): £185 for the week
  • Camping Fee for extra nights & visitors £5/night.
  • Day visitors -no craft activity possible: but due to catering limitations no meals for visitors can be provided unless arranged.  
  • No unaccompanied children/youths under 16 years.